We will be closed until further notice amid the recent news.

Frequently ASked Questions


Do you serve food?

We don't serve food aside from bagged chips and other snacks, but are located near several downtown restaurants.

Do you do private/birthday parties?

We have plenty of groups come through to celebrate, but do not close for private parties. 

Our seating/table space is very limited since the games occupy most of our room.

If you'd like suggestions for private downtown spaces where you can spread out before/after visiting us, please feel free to reach out. We have great neighbors and partners! 

Do I need to bring quarters?

No need to get quarters ahead of time. You can get $5 cups at the bar, or use our change machine to switch out any ones or fives.

What should I do if a machine takes my quarter?

Please alert a bartender or game technician if you experience any problems. Most of the time, the culprit turns out to be something simple like a Canadian quarter causing a jam.